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Testimonials of Conscious Living Services

Reverend Carmen Gonzalez has been my life coach for the past 11 months, and is an instrumental guide to my realignment, reflection, renewal, and resurrection.  Her knowledge of God, human development and behavior, along with her wisdom in so many other areas, has taught me how to acknowledge and center my intentions, so that I can live a life of purpose according to God’s plan.   She is strong, yet embracing.  She is a spiritual leader to whom I will be forever grateful.

--- Deborah B., New Windsor, NY

After 1 year of Spiritual Life Coaching and participating in the Spiritual Weight Release Boot-camp, I can attest that Rev. Carmen is a transformational coach. If you are ready, willing, and committed to transform into a new YOU then, Rev. Carmen is your special coach. Her love, gentleness, and keeping it real helped me remember the truth of who I am. I am a child of God. I am good enough. I am worthy and deserving love and abundance. I am forgiving and releasing what doesn't serve me every day, every step of the way. Rev. Carmen will go as deep as you will, as dark as you can, as far as you can. While reminding you not to give your power away and trust the process. As a woman, she gave me limitless tools to connect with my feminine energy, my body, my definition of God, and my joy. Thank you Rev. Carmen when I count my blessing I count you twice. You are a true gem! 

-- Galit G., Arlington, VA

How much can you really get out of a session with Rev. Carmen? More than you could ever imagine! When I made the initial appointment for our session, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to address since I didn't have a clear intention -- I just knew that I needed to advance my spiritual practice.  Rev Carmen's no-nonsense style coupled with an amazing sense of humor gave me the perspective I needed to lift out of the fog of the mundane and set me back on my spiritual journey on purpose for a purpose.  She is highly proficient at cutting thru the BS!  I need that.  The time spent with Rev Carmen was fun, relaxed, extremely informative, and very productive. I highly recommend the Spiritual Life Coaching program to give your life the boost it needs while maintaining a loving and supportive accountability practice. 

-- T.Raine G., Columbus, GA

My life coaching experience with Rev Carmen began almost two years ago during Wonder Woman weekend. During this point in my life I was feeling broken, lost, and desperate as things in my life had fallen apart and I knew I needed to do something new. It was during this weekend that I met Rev Carmen during one of our activities and I was automatically drawn to her. Rev Carmen’s energy is powerful and as I embarked on this spiritual journey I knew I wanted to work with her as she spoke to my spirit. My sessions with Rev Carmen have been thought provoking and have continued to challenge my growth, stand in my power and developing myself. The sessions are focused and allow me to set my intention and consider the steps I need to take.  Life coaching has allowed me to reflect and think about my perception of events in ways I haven’t before.  When I look back to where I was and where I am today I can see the benefits of life coaching as I continue to use my tools so I make a choice to respond to life differently to serve my greatest good. As I continue to work on myself I’m glad I have Rev Carmen in my corner to guide me as I continue my journey with my spirituality and moving to my next level of development. 

     -- Kelli J., White Plains,  NY

I had the pleasure of meeting Reverend Carmen in 2013 during a lyanla Vanzant, "Cause and Effect" workshop I took at the Omega Institute . Several months after the workshop, I was informed that she was a spiritual life coach. I knew that I needed help in certain areas in my life and wanted to try her services as opposed to conventional counseling. Since she's located in White Plains, NY, I knew that our sessions would be over the phone and at first, I wasn't sure if that was going to work for me. I quickly found out that this method of communication was good and what I experienced with her during my sessions was unique, powerful, supportive and nurturing. The things I gained most from my·  sessions with her were love (sometimes tough love, lol), accountability, connection to my Inner Spirit, guidance  and support. She gave me assignments that stretched me and at times, took me out of my comfort zone. Reverend Carmen also made herself available in between sessions via email, which was great. She would provide feedback on assignments or provide additional support regarding an issue. I have also taken her Spiritual Weight Release Boot-camp and that was no joke. Through that experience I was taught the importance of commitment to myself and my peers and accountability. She also taught me that food isn't the enemy, I had to learn to look at the issues that were "eating me" and causing me to eat in an unhealthy manner. God has given her a great gift and it's truly hard to try to describe that gift in words. Hearing her call me time and time again "Dear Heart" has been a healing salve. She cares about her clients and takes her calling seriously. She embodies and exemplifies her quote in her email that says I Hear You, I See You and You Matter to me.  She has taught and emphasized to me that since God's spirit dwells within me and God is love that I am love, loving and lovable. Most recently, she helped my husband and I after the birth of our 23-week-old twin daughter's. She helped us face our fears during that critical time and create a POWERFUL affirmation for our daughter's that we prayed over them daily for six months. That affirmation has manifested and continues to manifest in their lives. I love Reverend Carmen with all my heart and I am eternally grateful for all the love, support and guidance she's given me over the years.

     -- Monique H., Hillsborough, NJ


Rev. Carmen has been/is my faculty advisor, coach, boot camp facilitator, and mentor.  I am grateful for all that she has supported me through.  I am in a place in my life today because of the support she has given me.  I found my voice, created a business, and am in a beautiful relationship and much more because of our work together.  If someone is looking for a coach that will hold you accountable and support you in getting to where you want to go, Rev. Carmen is your coach!  I am so grateful for God placing Rev. Carmen in my life.

    --Anita H., Saskatchewan, Canada

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